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Engineering - Where Experience Counts:
With so many installations around the world it is not surprising that Fusion's engineering capability is hard to match. Combining experience with modern computer techniques we are responsible for some of the largest modular tanks and silos in the world. The innovative 'Series 1400' design has introduced a completely new design standard for bolted, modular vessels. The use of modern high tensile steels has been incorporated with a completely new Straight-Vertical™ seam design to combine optimum engineering efficiency with aesthetics. The Sealed-Mitre™ bolt-through jointing system gives a new level of security and ease of construction. The result is an engineered concept that takes modular tank construction into a new era - strong, dependable and attractive. From simple open-topped storage tanks to complex roofed, pressurized process vessels, FUSION has the experience that counts.


The modular construction system allows rapid installation. Compare build times with those for conventional construction and you will be surprised at the reduction in site cost. Building standards are established by FUSION and structures are built by trained erectors controlled by a local distributor.

Roofs, Cones and Floors:Tapered Beam Roof
For complete integrity of design and construction,
FUSION has a complete range of roofs to match your needs.




StructureGlass-Fused-to-Steel cones for solid/liquid separation or for hopper bottom discharge are available for 35°, 45°, and 60° angles.

For aggressive contents, Glass-Fused-to-Steel floors are available.





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